Re: Color Ultramatic Charts

Posted by HH56 On 2023/10/13 15:24:42
I’m not sure which one Howard sent as I can’t open it here on my iPad using Firefox even though all the PDFs in the library do open.

Don, It opens fine in Safari and Firefox on my Mac but only option is to download on iPad. Still opens fine in whatever the default reader is on the iPad. Did yours download or if not, have you tried downloading and opening it from the download folder in the files app?

Not sure how much software could be to blame but I am running the latest OS and app updates on all my devices. If you are running something very old that could be the issue. I believe TxGoat had a similar problem with opening some pdfs on his older equipt but the issue went away when he went to something newer.

Here is the cover of what I posted.

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