Re: 1950 Packard Deluxe 8 cylinder engine removal.

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2023/11/24 14:35:33
You need to study this a bit. That's a heavy lift ~1000 lbs and normal chinese takeout engine crane is at the limit of load and height. I had to beef mine up.
I removed one side to be able to swing out, I didn't have the height and the radiator support comes with the motor after you unbolt. Finding the COG is also not that easy, I had to re-position the slings a few times to get it to level. Take the trans support out after it's on the crane. I did it all myself.
I posted all that back about 8 years ago, so maybe you should read all the old posts for tips. Someone had a good pattern for a cradle too. I made one on casters.
The L8 won't fit on the std. V8 engine stand either. Some shops may not be able to line bore so need to do your research.

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