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Posted by 53 Cavalier On 2023/11/21 1:23:01

Russell Harmon wrote:
53 Cavalier , what is your process for restoration?

First was a lot of research, then a bit of experimenting, which lead to this.

I had the carpet professionally cleaned. Then using Rit All Purpose Dye, which I mixed in a spray bottle, I sprayed the entire carpet and worked the dye in with a brush. This next step I'm not sure how effective it was as I didn't do any testing, but I used my heat gun and went over the entire carpet thinking it would help set the dye. The banding was still a bit scruffy so I masked off the carpet and sprayed the banding with Duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out because it looks good, but not too good, which is perfect for my car. And it's still the original carpet, which I like, because my car is all pretty original.

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