Re: Carpet Restoration

Posted by 53 Cavalier On 2023/11/22 12:39:39

Fish'n Jim wrote:
Did you wash out the excess RIT dye?
If not, it can run onto something else when it gets wet again.
I've had new denim stain my light colored leather, before they were repeated washings.
Looks good otherwise.
After posting on some of this, I was thinking one of those hand held carpet cleaning attachments that spray cleaning agent and apply vacuum to pick up fluid might be a DIY to pro cleaning for door panels etc. It's what one does in the house. I've cleaned my carpets that way and they come out nice but they're not 70 years old. They 'oriental' rug cleaners deal with age and old dyes.
I have a floor dryer that I use on the boat - no heat. Fairly inexpensive at the chinese tool takeouts.
From my view, I don't see much sense if a piece of new carpet would do the same... I put new in the Cad but floors have to be sound/watertight..

I haven't rinsed out excess dye from the carpet, at least not yet. I did wipe it with a wet rag to see if any dye was picked up, and there was none. I'm not too concerned about the carpet as it's not likely to ever get wet and I'll have floor mats.

I'll be dying the seat covers as well, but they will have a different process, not spraying, so they will get rinsed to make sure dye doesn't transfer to clothing.

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