Re: Carpet Restoration

Posted by 53 Cavalier On 2023/11/30 10:08:51

kevinpackard wrote:
Wow, that's a lot of shrinkage. I'm kinda surprised it did that.

How similar would the original carpet be to modern boat carpet? That would be readily available and could be easily cut and binding sewn by an upholsterer. Lots of colors to choose from also, so should be able to get something close.

I was surprised as well, the only thing I can think of is they must have stuck them in the dryer. I haven't gone and talked to them yet, not sure what good it will do. Can't unscramble scrambled eggs!

I'm going to check around, I'm sure SMS, Kanter, Jackson, etc. probably all have a cut pile carpet and thankfully they are not terribly complicated, so if I need to make a set it won't be that bad.

BUT, one of the things that is impressive about my car is how original the interior is, and it's only original once........

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