Re: Greasing U Joints

Posted by Bob J On 2023/11/26 16:12:47
There is nothing in the mechanism's form that is stopping you, as you can see from the one you have already removed, it is a cross with caps containing an array of needle bearings. So I suspect dirt/hard dried grease is acting as a stop/binder. You can try soaking it in degreaser to see if that softens it. Heat might be quicker, would not take much to melt any interior build-up, be sure not to use any more than necessary as you do not want to adversely affect the steel's hardness. (Propane torch type, not cutting torch level.)
Once removed it would be a good idea to remove the grease fitting and run a wire through all the drilled grease tunnel lines and wash it out well so there is no more old lubricant or containments, same goes for the needle bearings. Check all the crosses too for wear on the bearing surface, any pitting and throw it away. Murphy says it will be the last cross you disassemble that will be worn!
You may find it best to get a new U Joint anyway, they are not that expensive and if yours has been run at all in the shape it is in there is a good chance its is due even if it looks good.
Bob J..

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