Re: Greasing U Joints

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2023/11/26 19:40:09
Generally replace if there's excess play in the joint/vibration or by mileage.
If the rollers are out of round/damaged, then definitely replace. There's only two ends showing any noticeable scoring in the same axis but not grooved. They might be suspect/need checked.
Didn't say which joint this was, front or rear?
Generally, if they don't have zerks, they're to be replaced not re-lubed.
If the grease is hard, then won't help to try to flush out with fresh grease, so need dismantled/cleaned, if it's been driven like that. Time saver, I'd replace as chances of them being good in that condition are less and why invest the labor or have to do over anyway, if it's vibrating after reinstall.
Grease has to liquify enough to flow to coat the bearing surface, so if hard is like no lube. Tendency is to over grease, stick to a maintenance schedule. Then that opens the question of what else is full of hard grease?
I'm sure they were much cheaper/throw away back in the day, but not when they're rare or odd size - happy to get them. Finding quality is more difficult today.
ps:There's a bit of art in removing end caps. I use a socket that's only slightly smaller than the cap, so it pushes on the cap sides and press the top in to push out the bottom, then reverse. Keeps the rollers in line that way, if you catch the cap. Don't pound them out, the caps are thin and can crack/get damaged and center hits don't have any support.

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