Re: Greasing U Joints

Posted by TxGoat On 2023/11/27 9:59:24
Which car are you working on?
I'd always replace both U-joints.
If you re-use old u-joints , it's best to put all the used parts back exactly as they were, which is difficult with u-joints. Also, you need new seals, which may not be available.

Drive line parts should all be marked before disassembly and re-assembled exactly as they were to preserve balance and "phasing".

Some yoke/splines can be assembled
"out of phase". Some have a "blind spline" to prevent this and some don't. Some have an arrow on the shaft and yoke, which may be hard to see. Out of phase assembly will cause trouble with vibration and may damage the clutch hub. Be sure that the driveline is re-assembled just as it was originally.

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