Re: 23rd Series - Flasher Plug Wiring

Posted by Joe On 2024/2/22 16:51:15
I HADN'T seen those particular diagrams! Will keep them on hand, though!

Yeahhh, it's bizarre that it would start doing this AFTER rewiring the signal flasher plug (both front LEDs were working fine and normally before messing with the wiring behind the dash, ugh). I ended up calling the company from whom I purchased the lights ( and did the test where they have you pull one of the LEDs and switch in an incandescent to see if that "corrects" the issue. Did confirm the flashers behave normally with one incandescent and one LED, which is (apparently) an indication that the flashers need "load equalizers." Not sure why I need them now, other than maybe the old wire had SO much resistance that it allowed the bulbs to work correctly?

Unrelated, to the issue above (my taillights aren't showing any faults), but I did tear apart my left taillight a while back to address a dim bulb. Thoroughly cleaned the sheet metal and replaced all the threaded rod. What a difference that did indeed make.

Here's what's going in:

Yellow/Amber 1154s:
6v+g Signal flasher:
Load Equalizer for each flasher:

I completely replaced wire 26 with 16ga blue wire and a 9 amp in-line glass fuse to the GA terminal on the switch. I left the other wires alone, other than to wrap them with some heat shrink tubing.

Thanks again for all your help!

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