288 Head Gasket Replacement

Posted by Rich49 On 2024/3/5 8:57:45
After 75 years it is time to R&R the head gasket on my 1949 Packard Standard 8 that I bought last year. The engine was losing coolant, white smoke out the exhaust pipe, and I suspected coolant in the oil pan when I changed the oil last week and discovered some copper colored goo in the bottom of my catch bucket. thinking a former owner used stop leak.

There is no obvious sign of a "blown" gasket but several of the nuts on the cylinder head studs were not torqued real good. The work is being done by a fellow car club member and owner of the United Motors Garage in Bonham, Texas they specialize in antique and classic car repairs and restorations.

Also have the radiator I removed for leaks in the core. Make me an offer, and you probably want to pick it up because shipping will be expensive.
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