Re: Rubber sill plate removal

Posted by HH56 On 2024/3/31 11:54:02
Dell is correct. You need to lift up the inside edge of the sill plate next to the stainless about an inch to release some clips near the inside edge which push straight down into holes in the body sheetmetal. Once the inside edge clears the stainless and clips are clear of the body holes slide the entire sill assy toward the inside of the car to release hook like clips that are close to the outer edge. If you need to use some tool to pry the inside edge up, be careful not to push against and dent the stainless. As I recall, screws holding the stainless piece are under the sill plate so it cannot be removed first.

The original sill rubber was vulcanized to a corrugated plate holding the clips so it will not work as is to be a flat surface to hold the new repro sills. It may be possible to remove the old rubber and use Bondo to smooth out the plate to glue and hold the new repros but that will be difficult and may raise the new rubber a bit too high. Usually glue or perhaps some 3M double stick tape directly to the body sheetmetal is what is used to hold the repros.

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