Re: Soaking and Crank bolt question 288

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/5/27 11:48:51
Fortunately two easy answers:

- if it’s coming out of the valves then the valves are just open. No concern.

- look up the torque spec on that bolt. Set a torque wrench then you won’t have to worry about over torquing. It won’t hurt to loosen and tighten it alternatively.

Was this engine stored with spark plugs in? If so, I REALLY doubt that it was in good shape to begin with. Or maybe they stored it outside in the rain? It should take many years before the pistons or valves freeze from rust in a good engine.

Look up how to remove the tappets. If it’s not freeing up after a day or few, probably you have a stuck valve. If you remove the tappets or otherwise disconnect the valve train from the crank, you can tell what’s up. Though unless you have multiple stuck valves, it should free up to some extent.

Also I assume you at least have the plugs out when trying to crank it? Otherwise it’s hydrolocked lol

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