Re: Soaking and Crank bolt question 288

Posted by 53 Cavalier On 2024/5/28 20:27:31

PennyPackard wrote:
Hah! If you’re interested I’d pay for that work in beer and bad jokes! I am seriously considering finding a place that will just get it done but that’s getting pretty hard to come by unless you want to pay 100k for a full concourse restoration and be on a waitlist for however long for the privilege!! If I had the space, money, time, and skill I suppose I’d just live alone with my perfect Packards no one ever sees though.

There are fewer and fewer shops around that have the expertise to work on classic and vintage cars. Mechanics that plug in a vehicle to a computer, and then replace whatever parts it tells them to are of no help to us. I have found that I'm better off to just develop the skill I need and work on my car myself. So far it's worked out okay, but I haven't tackled any serious body work yet. Unfortunately space, money, time and skill are in short supply around my place as well.

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