Front stablizer bar bushing and bracket

Posted by Steve on 2009/7/4 19:27:25
Last year I had my '51 Packard car towed by a flat bed truck.
I was not there when the driver used a chain to pull the car up the inclined bed. The driver hooked the chain to the RF stabilizer bar where the bushing and the bracket are bolted to the frame. Now I know what that thumping noise is when I go over a bump. The bracket is badly bent and the bushing has been squeezed out. I want to replace the bracket and the bushing. The LF bushing looks very good. Does any one have the bushing or the bracket?
Application: 1951 Packard 200, with a 288 engine.
Hope to be doing business with you Packard fans.

Regards, Steve

1951 Packard 200
1953 Packard Clipper

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