Re: Ignorant Shocking Question

Posted by Jay Faubion On 2009/8/6 20:48:36
I bought my shocks today from Max Merritt. I'm 40 miles from them, and it was a pretty day, so I took an extended lunch hour and drove down there.

The shocks were $40 apiece. They are AC Delco 751002 gas shocks. I put them on tonight and WOW! What a difference in the ride and handling.

I'm surprised that the rear shocks made such an improvement in my steering, but they did. And I now roll over rough pavement and bumps easily. Big difference for not too much work.

Now then... the shocks (they are gas shocks) really are ACDelco, and the 751002 is stamped in big numbers on the shocks, but when I Google that I get back just a reference to something with a coil spring. I don't know what to make of that. I only know what I saw.

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