Re: Battery Charging Question

Posted by PackardV8 on 2010/2/3 21:57:24
Owens recommendation to check amperage is the best idea. The generator exists to keep the battery charged.

The best cursory initial test is to start the engine and then disconnect a battery terminal. Connect an ammeter between the battery post and cable that was just disconnected.

Now, watch the ammeter as accessories are turned on. Mite have to rev the engine up or set idle a bit high.

Ammeter should always show a charge or break even. Should not show a discharge.

If ammeter shows a discharge then go from there to more invasive or difficult tests with ammeter and voltmeter at generator.

Again, the generator exists to keep the battery charged.

BTW, just about any 6v or 12V automotive generator will produce as high 60 to 80 volts. It depends on how fast the generator is turning. So using strictly a voltmeter for testing does not indicate charge or discharge of the battery (direction of current).

Voltmeters are often prefered only because they are easier to connect than an ammeter.

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