Re: Battery Charging Question

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2010/2/4 12:56:09
We're all glad you found the apparent problem, and I'm a bit surprised at no generator shops in your area, they are fewer in number here in NJ, but still one every few towns and most of them have piles of generator carcassas to take a spring from.

Though it might be a bit pricey, there are plenty of places you can send it to for a thorough rebuild, AceWichita comes to mind, but there are others - check your Hemmings Motor News to find some if you wish to go that way. At the least, while it's out of the car, I'd check/replace the bushing and bearing and most importantly check the armature for shorted segments, and a possible armature turning.

Also, generator carcassas seem to plentiful at flea markets for $5 or so, and I guess that Delco used many of the same internals for years in different models.

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