Re: 22nd Series headliner

Posted by HH56 On 2007/12/30 16:31:04
I did a 54 & 56 several years ago. Don't know exactly how much difference between years (probably not that much) but the job was not that difficult. Assume yours is the cross bows, not lengthwise, although don't think the procedure would be that different.

There are some tools that will help the job such as a smooth curved putty knife like implement to push the liner up into the retainer without tearing it and a steamer would be handy to remove wrinkles. An extra body is a big help also.

Important when you take the old out to carefully mark and identify which bow goes where as they are probably all different by a fraction of an inch or slight angle--also the ends that go into roof pieces. Paint or clean them to remove rust. Otherwise you just remove the garnish moldings as required, then old liner, which will probably tear and pieces remain in retainer teeth (if your car uses that arrangement). Clean and repair roof pieces as needed.

To install, insert the bows into new liner Center lengthwise, make sure bows remain upright and straight and push the cloth edges up into retainers being careful to keep things centered. Haven't read your manual so if it says start anywhere particular, then do so. The windlace will also probably have to be replaced if you hadn't guessed. I had already planned on doing this because of damage by dash & lower doors, but mine was so aged and rotted that the slightest disturbance and the cloth flanges tore even by the headliner.

You mentioned Kanters material. Suggest you request a sample because what he supplied for the 56Pat was not very close to original--although it looked better than what I was replacing. Windlace was worse and impossible to find with correct pattern--from local or other mail order suppliers so wound up with a reasonable color but wrong texture.

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