Re: Transmission linkage bushing source?

Posted by HH56 on 2011/4/5 15:43:56
If Kanter or Max no longer have any linkage repair or bushing kits (both Max's numbers say inquire) or the rods, then possibly you will have to custom make some. Packards1 has 3 only of the 360432 on his ebay store which leaves you 1 short. Didn't see any others. pack56 has a NOS dual bellcrank but doesn't appear to have bushings in it.

McMaster-Carr has a large variety of steel, bronze, etc bushings. It should be possible to mic the size of what you have, find the closest match and then drill or ream or cut them off to fit your parts and do them that way. Not sure how many rubber bushings were still used on the 23rd but they also have a few of those in reinforced rubber of varying diameters. Flat and belleville washers are not a problem either.

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