Re: Transmission linkage bushing source?

Posted by Mike on 2011/6/1 16:51:15
Side loader 4 and 3 speed muscle car transmissions (usually with hurst, etc shifters) suffer from the same issues (especially the 2-3 lockup) if the linkage isn't perfect.

Luckily hurst makes bushing kits for these for most trannys, but for some (such as my NP440) they don't make linkage OR bushing kits for, or the OEM setup is just a tad too sloppy anyway, or you can't find rods like is happening with the Packards.

A common, although not OEM looking fix, is using all thread rod (B7 grade works well, harder than grade 2 or hardware grade, but still bendable to form using a pipe like a jack or crane handle) and some heim joints. No slop and will practically last forever. Below is a pic of what i just got done doing on my NP 440trans. Now no more slop, and no more bushing wear.

I'd suspect it would work just as well on a Packard 3 speed column setup, although it wouldn't look that great.

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