Re: Generator brushes

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2011/4/14 19:38:00
Last time I checked NAPA still had the correct brushes for your generator - try them first before you try to adapt some incorrect brushes.

Yes, by all means clean the commutator but NOT with sandpaper, the grit can get into the copper, the carbon brushes, even the bearing/bushings. At this point you probably don't know what is on the commutator so I'd first try a bit of solvent like gasoline or rubbing alcohol on a lint-free rag. Avoid stronger solvents, you can damage the insulation. If that does the trick, the residue was mostly oil and carbon dust and no need to go any further. If it is still dirty (not bright copper), then emery or crocus cloth, very fine grit, no more than is necessary. As you look at the commutator, you should see that the insulation between the segments is below the surface of the copper. If not, you probably should undercut the mica yourself or have a generator shop do it for you.

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