Re: Electronic Ignition conversion report

Posted by 2150 on 2016/11/1 5:01:56
I have been corresponding lately with regarding ignition for my Mercedes 1973 SLC.
I have not ordered anything yet as the owner/producer of the system is not at home right now but he seems to be a helpful and skilled person. At this time I have the impression that it is impossible to install and keep the standard look but in my opinion this system seems more modern compared to Pertronix.

I will probably buy a system for the SLC this winter.
That might give a possibility to see if it could be applied to a 356 Packard without disturbing the original appearance.

I have very mixed feelings regarding upgrading of old vehicles.
On one hand if a car was made in a certain way and is modernized the feeling of a historic piece might be lost. On the other hand I am very happy with modern rubber in my tires or modern oil and grease that limits the need for oilchange several times a year and frequent engine overhauls.

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