Clarification: Intermittent power drop when headlights are turned on

Posted by Mark Buckley On 2012/2/3 20:43:25
Thanks for your response, Howard.

Just to be clear, regarding my "Case of the Left-Leaning Needle:" the ammeter needle does move a bit to the left when I turn on the running lights and then moves hard to the left when I press headlight switch the second time to turn on the headlights. The needle stays in position irrespective of engine speed.

I'm reasonably certain the belt is the correct size, that it is tensioned properly, and that it is not slipping in any way.

I'm curious about your statement about the ground. You wrote, "Another thing worth checking is make sure the ground wire between generator and fender tie point and then on to regulator is in place and good connections."

Can you please expand on this? Where is the fender tie point located on a 1950 Standard Eight?

The wires from my generator disappear into a harness that's basically a wrapping of electrical tape. The harness snuggles against the inside of the driver's side fender, running above the wheel well. It heads aft, toward the firewall, and ends close by the voltage regulator. At that point many wires emerge and go in a bunch of directions.

Where is the ground point (fender tie point) located?

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