Re: 48-50 pinion seal replacement

Posted by Dell on 2012/6/6 22:46:44
mark the drive shaft yoke nut in relation to the threads after the drive shaft is out (very important as it is the preload on the pinion bearings) use punch to mark. remove the nut and you are at the seal- the seal can be removed from the larger metal ring that holds it (i can give you the # 0n the 8th if you need it) old original is 50066, if your auto supply has the old books they can find the new #. you must be very care full when you remove the metal seal holder, if you mess it up, you need a new old stock or one from max merrett. put sealer on the new seal when you press it into the holder (i use a vise) and sealer on the metal when you replace it. replace the nut to the marks plus just a little more stake it in several spots with a center punch or it will come loose. good luck Dell

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