Engine dies under acceleration

Posted by Robert Freeman on 2012/6/8 9:59:50
This problem is driving me nuts. while driving my '50 standard eight the engine will just stop. It happens while sccelerating around 43-47 mph, in second or third gear. The car is at normal operating temperature as well. After the engine dies, it won't restart by 'popping' the clutch. It will only restart after letting the car sit for a few minutes.

I did change the fuel filter (which was old and had some contaminants). I also drained my fuel tank noting that a little bit of brown came out at first (not much) otherwise it was clean fuel.

There is a electric fuel pump mounted near the tank. I could hear it working at first, but when I got the cat home, it wasn't working. I have since bypassed the electric fuel pump and have tested the car with the overdrive locked out. The engine didn't die, but there was a noticable dropout at 45 mph under acceleration.

Any help from you is, as always, extremely valuable.

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