Re: Engine dies under acceleration

Posted by HH56 on 2012/6/8 16:57:24
One thing tho, would the OD kickdown switch have anything to do with this since it seems to happen when the gas pedal is pushed tot he floor?

It could if you have a problem in the solenoid or a grounded wire or it's staying in OD. Your 50 should have an R11. If not in OD, the solenoid should be out and it's ign shorting contacts open. While pushing down on accel will close the kickdown switch, the solenoid contact should be open so no connection will be made to ground and engine should keep going. If the solenoid contact is closed or wire to them grounded, then yes the engine will die -- but you should be able to restart it without having to wait -- unless something is hanging up or the solenoid is staying energized.

If in OD, the solenoid will be energized and ign contact will be closed. As soon as you hit the kickdown, coil should ground out but simultaneously solenoid should drop out and almost immediately open those contacts again so the engine just misses a beat or two. If the solenoid is slow in retracting, then the engine could die but you should be able to restart it again unless the solenoid is really hanging or staying energized.

One way to prove whether that is the problem. Remove one of the wires on the kickdown switch that is connected to the set of contacts on the top pair -- ie the ones far away from the plunger. That way, the ign ground circuit from solenoid will be interrupted so the coil should never see a ground-- although the OD may not drop out readily without the torque of engine removed momentarily. You could also remove the fuse to positively keep it out of OD and see if that resolves the problem -- although if a solenoid contact or grounded wire problem, would still be evident.

If by some chance there is only 2 terminals on kickdown sw, then you have an R9 and ign cutout circuit gets a bit more complicated.

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