Re: V8 Pistons

Posted by Eric Boyle on 2008/8/24 19:54:37
I respectfully offer another opinion to Eric's on this -"For that price you can buy custom forged pistons, and have a piston that's 1000 times better than anything that Egge, Silvolite, or anyone else who makes cast pistons."

IMHO, for 99% of all Packard V8s, the current best-science piston would be a hypereutectic cast piston. They could be fit to the same .0005"-.0015" as the OEM pistons.

Very few Packard V8 owners need or can use the strength of forged pistons and would not appreciate the cold start clatter common to the greater clearances forged pistons require.

thnx, jack vines

Custom hypereutectic pistons would be even less. Someone needs to give Keith Black a call and see if they would be wiling to make some pistons for the V8 guys. A small block Chevy or even a 302 Ford has the same bore as a 352 Packard, so making the pin height would be no problem for them, and it would be around $600-$800 for a set of good quality pistons from a manufacturer that you can trust fully.

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