Re: T/L Manual Control Switch

Posted by John Payne on 2008/8/7 17:46:14
Hi all, and G'day to you to Peter - you picked me in one, although I suppose there's not too many '56 Patrician owners in Australia (3 that I know of).

Thanks everyone for your valuable advice. I did in fact look at the antenna switch from my '56 400 and, as it only had 3 terminals compared to the factory switch's 4, and the harness showed 4 wires, I assumed that it wouldn't work. Also, the diagram of the harness shows 4 light green wires but it wasn't clear to me how they all were linked together (I'm not much of an electrician).

Nonetheless, I have actually partially made-up a wiring harness and connected the 2 wires (pink and yellow) to the compensator brain box (ride leveller still works!), but have been struggling with how to do put it all together at the dash end. Both the harness wires are now "hot" (hope this is correct) so have been temporarily taped. This suggested to me that either should be used to switch juice into a light green wire but if so, which one and how, particularly if the on/off switch is turned off.

Realising that there are 3 hot wires to fiddle with, I did go a bit further and modify a brake before make, double pole double throw toggle switch, to a single pole triple throw switch (ie, On-On-On) which in theory would enable either 3 individually switched power inlet sources and 1 power outlet, or the reverse. Center position being allocated for the auto leveller and the other 2 positions for up and down. The only problem was that although the auto feature continued to work, the manual over-ride didn't, hence my current dilemma.

There is probably something really simple that I'm missing in all of this but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Maybe the Kanter kit that Peter bought is the way to go but, having gone this far, I would like to try and get it sorted, if only to satisfy myself that I did it (conceding defeat doesn't come easy).

Yes, I will soon put some photo's and detail about my Patrician and 400 together and upload them.

Thanks once again for all of your advice, John

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