Re: T/L Manual Control Switch

Posted by Randy Berger on 2008/8/7 20:56:44
If you have the installation instructions on page 28 of Vol 30 No 7, then follow them exactly. Realize the light green wire is the feed to allow the T/L system to work automatically. Any interruption of that wire will turn off the automatic function. When you remove one of the terminals from the on-off switch and plug it into "A" of the new harness you have interrupted the circuit. The "A" wire goes to one of the light green spade lug connectors which fasten to one of the center contacts on the new switch. The other light green spade lug connector goes to the other center contact. The "B" connector (Douglas connector) is then plugged back into the on-off switch. Thus, whenever the on-off switch is turned off OR when the new switch is pushed or pulled thereby breaking the continuity of the green wire, the automatic execution of the T/L system is turned off. Something like the old series lights on a Christmas tree - when one is out, they're all out.
The new switch, when pushed or pulled, grounds either the PINK wire or the YELLOW wire resulting in running the T/L sytem either up or down. It also runs through the limit switches giving you the protection that Packard built in.
If you do not have the SC, you can find it on this site.
It really is a nice feature and sure to wow the folks at the car cruise. It is also very handy when changing a rear tire.

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