Re: T/L Manual Control Switch

Posted by BH on 2008/8/13 7:51:54
John -

Bob Berg is a private collector who has repro'd several interesting things for the V8 Packards over the years - including the front load arm holding tool for TL cars. In fact, a year or so ago, member Kip56 persuaded Bob to make another run of that tool by soliciting a list of guaranteed buyers from our group.

It's been so long since I purchased those manual control kits that it's hard to say if Bob has any left. Also, keep in mind that, based on other posts in this threaad, the supply of switches could be limited to whatever NOS stock is floating out there. I've heard that NOS switches (alone) were offered by one vendor for $60.

I don't have Bob's contact info with me at work, but will check my files at home and PM you with details this evening.

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