Re: new guy questions

Posted by Loyd Smith on 2008/8/15 16:19:57
Mikec: Type F or FA fluid is, in fact, as close as you can get nowadays to the original fluid. Some of us who've acquired cars that sat for years have had good luck with B&M Trick Shift (original formula ? NOT the synthetic). It seems to do a good job of cleaning the general crud out of transmission components as well as breaking up the glaze on the direct drive clutch plates and eliminating resulting slippage when the transmission locks into direct drive.

As to your question about the filter, it is of the metal screen type and designed to be removed and cleaned. You have to drop the tranny pan but it's no big deal. The gaskets are available from all of the speciality parts houses (Kanters, Max Merritt, Tuscon Packard, etc.) and other places. Wouldn't hurt to look in there anyway ? just to see what you can see.

Owen_Dyneto wrote: ?I had one of their "locked hydramatics" in the 54 Hudson we drag raced many moons ago.?

We put a B&M, ?Stick-Hydro,? in a '53 Stude Starlight Coupe with an Olds engine (can't remember just which one after all these years), modified semi-positrac rear end and modified hell out of the suspension. The fellow that owned the car was trying for sort of a combo street legal dragster/road racing machine. The effort turned out to be pretty successful for a bunch of semi-alcoholic Air Force types in their time off. I still remember how impressed I was at the time (early sixties) with the B&M setup and performance.

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