Re: new guy questions

Posted by Charles Neuhaus on 2008/8/16 12:01:36
Realize that the founder of this thread wrote Hydramatic when he meant Ultramatic, but Turbopacman asked how one put a Hydramatic in a Packard. My 1956 Patrician has a TurboHydramatic 400 installed in place of the Ultramatic about 15 years ago by the fellow I bought it from. An outfit in Georgia (now defunct) did this on a number of V-8 Packards. I don't know all of the technical details involved, but the front of the bellhousing is cut off the Ultramatic and aluminum welded to the front of the GM transmission which has had the front of its bellhousing removed. Works very well and I can have it repaired anywhere. I believe that some outfit in Texas is doing the same type of conversion using the newer GM overdrive transmission.

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