Re: Tires for 1955 400

Posted by d c On 2014/6/12 12:08:08
I purchased 4 wide whites from coker for the 750-15s on the clipper custom. I was not assured of the "applied" white wall on the dback description. I am very satisfied with them. Go with radials. Spend the time to examine,clean and prep the rims. I would like to hear the problems others had with the cokers. The only issue I has was they were supposed to be made in USA. I did not order the least expensive. These were the mid level and were quite a few dollars but they look and ride beautifully at low and hwy speeds. I was going to call coker and bring up the made in mexico issue but never did.I can take a pic on the sticker if u want as i still have 1 on the wall of the garage

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