Re: 700r4 Real axle ratio

Posted by Ross on 2015/3/28 6:54:09
I checked the ratios for your new trans and was surprised to see the spread: 3.06 in first, to 0.7 in fourth. The remaining piece of the puzzle would be the torque multiplication of the converter, but I have not found that.

That first gear ratio combined with the the convertor multiplication should give quite a zippy launch with a 3.54 rear. Cruising, you have an effective ratio of 2.48. That yields only 1830 rpm at 60 mph. I personally would not want it turning any slower than that for the sake of flexibility and to not pound out the main bearings. In fact, in the hilly country around here the car would need to downshift continually to cope with even a moderate incline at below highway speeds. So I guess I am voting for 3.54. Or you can really surprise folks at the lights and put a 4.1. Still only 2100 rpm at 60.

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