Re: 700r4 Real axle ratio

Posted by John Payne on 2015/3/31 2:48:12
G'day Matt, I too enjoyed the Hawksbury Nationals but had a bit further to go than you this time. My '56 Patrician is auto and has a 3.54 diff and I can't hear it at all. We from the southern states took our time travelling up to Hawksbury and back home, mostly at around 85 - 95 kph (approx 50 - 60 mph), and we covered nearly 2,000 Km's (approx 1,200 miles). I kept mileage records and averaged 19.8 mpg (16.4 mpg US) which I thought was great for such a heavy old girl. In my view, a higher diff ratio might have improved mileage a little when cruising, but maybe not so good on hilly areas which could have the tranny dropping out of lock-up or even down to first. Cheers, John

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