Re: 700r4 Real axle ratio

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2015/3/31 10:54:33
JP, that's pretty nice gas mileage! Just for comparison, on purely highway driving at 65 mph +/- and with 10% ethanol gasoline I get about 14.2 or thereabouts on my 56 Caribbean 374 with dual 4-bbls; that's the equivalent of about 15.4 with non-ethanol gasoline which I consider pretty good for an engine in very good tune but with nearly 100,000 miles on it. Premium (93 octane) of course. Rear axle is 3.54. I do have an NOS 3.31 ring and pinion but the benefit of installing it would be trivial and not worth the effort, IMO. And a 3.07 is really too tall for the types of driving I encounter - too tough on the main bearings.

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