Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by Robert Freeman on 2015/3/29 12:49:04
I guess it's that time of the year to start planning for my Packard issues to work. You know, the ones that I can finish or work with temporary fixes that I can still enjoy and use the car and finish at a later time.

One of these temporary fixes was the cumbersome brake pedal configuration that I made with the BTV replacement project. It is not only cumbersome and ugly, it is not really safe, in my opinion. It is also kind of an embarrassment when I show the car.

There has been some promising ideas, but none that I, or the originator, are confident in their implementation.

- Of course there is the return to the BTV and scuttle any plans to upgrade to disc brakes.

- The folks at 'Michiana Packard'' mentioned an adaptor to affix a modern MC to the BTV.

-- HH56''s brake pedal linkage to allow for the use of the original brake pedal mounting.

Any other ideas or thoughts are gladly appreciated

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