Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by HH56 on 2015/3/29 13:44:30
I haven't heard of anything new. Right now IMO the only truly safe viable options are the pedal mod and mounting a modern vacuum unit in the air vent location.

My linkages are too complex and hard to implement. They are also only barely tested. The first lever arrangement worked but had issues with looks on both sides of the firewall as well as fitting all the mechanism in the space. The second arrangement increasing the ratio using the air vent location also works -- a bit too well at the moment -- but is hard to install in its current form. Downside is it can only work on a car with pushbutton shift because where the booster has to go will most likely not clear some shift linkage.

Another semi viable option is the ElectroBoost. I know there are some installs of the ElectroBoost using the original BTV location that are apparently functioning well. Until proven wrong I say semi viable because I still believe the 1:1 pedal ratio used on those will have problems stopping the car in an emergency if something happened to the power unit.

The smaller master might be workable but until someone tries it there is no news. I have concerns because even though the fluid volume will be similar, there is a big difference in moving fluid. I do believe pushing a volume all at once in front of a piston will require more force than using a rod to displace a similar amount over distance. Whether the 1:1 ratio can work remains to be seen.

The air vent install using a salvage yard unit is not bad. If the pedal on the one done by Craig's friend were made to look like a Packard pedal it would be almost indistinguishable on the inside. Unfortunately on all the vent units the guts are in plain sight in the engine compartment so that might be a non starter for some.

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