Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by ewrecks on 2015/3/29 14:10:38
Howard- I posted an inquiry recently regarding the green 1955 400 that has been profiled on this site since 3-18-15 and has been listed for sale on eBay for essentially the same period.
The ad says that the car is fitted with front disc brakes and the photos posted show a brake fluid reserve tank mounted on the firewall with two descending lines. More interestingly, the interior photos show the brake pedal listed in what appears to,be the stock configuration and location.
I don't believe that the BTV will work with disc brakes nor would there be reason for two lines from the reserve tank to the master cylinder.
Unfortunately, I have posted three inquiries to his listing on eBay and one here about the master cylinder/ pedal arrangement and whether he has installed an Electro- vac or other unit. I have received no reply.
He does not list a phone number or email address but invites inquiry.
Maybe if he gets a note from you or Big Kev he may answer the question.

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