Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by d c on 2015/3/29 16:03:03
ewrecks, I am glad you posted the follow up as I saw your question to the seller and was wondering if an answer was provided. I thought this subject was explored to its end. I urge all when dealing with brakes to avoid strange pedal set ups and unproven systems. Remember we are dealing with brakes here. There are certainly DOT regulations to adhere to . Discussed before here are various systems to be employed and some have been discussed. Though various boost systems and single and dual MC fitment explored if the wish is to utilize the stock location and pedal, the ratio is not adequate to provide stopping pressure in the event of a boost failure. If you wish to have ALL the tech of the modern brake system and the "fail safe", (most fail safe) system that the automakers spent years and millions to perfect, do not reinvent the wheel. What most professionals have done for the past 12- 15 years is to mount a modern hidden unit under the dash. If building from the ground up, removing the dash and installing a system right, for good, is the way to go. See below link. Otherwise using a professionally reman BTV with NO remote fill and proper maintenance every few seasons should suffice for DOT. ... brake-pedal-assembly.html

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