Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by HH56 on 2015/3/29 16:25:24
I'd be surprised if you could install that Fabquest setup using a vacuum booster and regular MC under the dash in any Packard. Maybe it would work with a short ElectroBoost MC but I'd sure hate to service either under the dash.

It is similar to what I did in the air vent except my pedal pushes the bellcrank instead of pulls. Pulling would be easier and may rethink if I work on it again. I had given some thought to making an easier to install setup using the ElectroBoost higher on the engine side of firewall. Not enough room for a vacuum booster up high. The factory AC blower takes up most of the space and uses the vent opening so means mine has to stay usable. Was thinking of a heavy collar and spacer combo with the bellcrank mechanism inside. The blower would be mounted to that and moved forward a couple of inches. A rod could extend out the side sealed by a bellows. Could then mount an ElectroBoost parallel with firewall and have a decent ratio to feel more comfortable using it. That is one nice thing about the blower being there. It mostly hides anything behind it.

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