Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by Craig Hendrickson on 2015/3/29 18:20:34
To add to what I posted above about my new Panther setup (not the one I ended up installing on my 1955 Pat): it will be similar to, but not the same as Paul in Las Vegas. See pix on this page for some details:

Paul used a 1972-74 Lincoln hydroboost, but modified the brake pedal. He was able to retain the D-side vent. He has been using this conversion since 2005 with no issues.

My new Panther setup will use essentially the same Master Power Brake (MPB) 7IN dual diaphram booster as I used on my 1955 Pat. It is small enough diameter to fit above the vent hole and below the cowl lip. It is already installed. The "trick" is to modified the stock pedal lever and mount to achieve 4:1 pedal leverage with the stock pedal pad location. My 1955 Pat conversion using the same booster has 3.7:1 leverage with its pedal mounting system.

Yes, I have the dash and complete interior out of the Panther, so it is much easier to mount the modified pedal. The firewall side wouldn't make too much difference on a stock, complete vehicle other than rerouting some electrical lines and making/plugging holes in the firewall. Various MCs are available from MPB for drum/drum, disc/drum and disc/disc.

Like I posted above, pix of the modified pedal lever and mount will be done in about two weeks.


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