Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by HH56 on 2015/4/18 10:54:58
No doubt, this is a greaat conversion for those with factory air con.

Keith, Fortunately (or not), those of us with that particular AC issue are a distinct minority but it is the challenge.

I agree the unit looks very viable and am considering scrapping my earlier efforts in favor of the package. Aside from your concern on future parts availability I still can't quite get comfortable with the worst case scenario of absolutely no reserve and no pedal ratio. That is what I would really like to understand better.

Granted, I always look at the empty glass and think of something that is never likely to appear so here is one that is off the wall. Without knowing exactly how it plumbs internally I wonder what would happen if there was a complete failure somewhere on the power side. If something happened between the accumulator and pump unit to master -- like maybe a line or component failed for example. In that case would we have a BTV moment and the brakes totally fail or would fluid on the wheel side of master still be intact and able to move to wheels but really need the pedal ratio in addition to a lot of foot pressure.

I expect many of us know what kind of pressure a BTV needs with no boost and it isn't fun. Believe I remember Craig writing his first attempt on his conversion using a 1" piston and 1:1 ratio was problematic and he needed to increase the ratio on his pedal. With the larger 1 3/16" piston this unit has, no boost and a 1:1 ratio, that sounds like a big problem. Even with no catastrophic failure I can't believe the unit will have enough oomph with just foot pressure and no mechanical advantage that a ton or two will do much more than a leisurely slow down.

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