Re: Any Recent Develoments In The BTV Relacement Brake Pedal Front?

Posted by Michael C Wauhop on 2020/2/12 17:26:35
Listen up I had problems with the BTV for years and you know what I discovered, ITS NOT THE UNIT. Its the unqualified idiots that are rebuilding these units! I had Ross Miller of the Speedwell garage in Parkton Md rebuild my unit and you know what PROBLEM SOLVED and the car now stops on a dime. He also discovered three things wrong with the rebuild job done by White Post restoration yeah they snagged me with that "lifetime warranty" bs and like an idiot I fell for it. I had two return the unit twice because of problems with it. The second time I asked them well what was wrong with the BTV they couldn't tell me! If they don't know what was wrong how can they fix it! Remember these are your brakes that is a safety issue and Packards are typically very heavy cars; don't take a chance of ending up in an accident or CAUSING an accident.

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