Re: 400 treadle-vac failure

Posted by Craig Hendrickson On 2015/5/10 10:45:43
TroyT Quote:
I ran into Ross and a few others last week at our local show and I was ask why I have not been updating lately. I said I thought this forum was for us to share and help each other out and that I have had my fill of the Trolls milling around constantly telling you how dumb you are or your not doing it "their" way. Not that I don't like different perspectives but the same agenda's crammed down your throat gets old. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has felt that.

I don't know which way to take this:

1. "Trolls milling around" are those that insist on rebuilding (or having rebuilt) the BTV.


2. "Trolls milling around" are those that strongly advocate replacing the BTV with a modern dual-master & booster.

Please clarify.


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