Re: 400 treadle-vac failure

Posted by Craig Hendrickson On 2015/5/10 12:56:02
CustomClipper55 Quote:
Lets not " take it" any way. Certainly not offer up any personal attacks. Lets agree that there are several different solutions and offer up honest info from past experiences that have worked and that modification and rebuilt original components can be solutions depending on preference and driving habits. Lets just keep things safe and hopefully dot approved.

Well, "Kumbaya, y'all" ('blandly pious and naively optimistic' Urban Dictionary top definition).

My early professional career was aerospace (NASA Apollo and USAF). If one made a design, engineering, installation, operational or maintenance error on man-rated equipment, the (space- or air-) craft might crash and crew might get injured or die.

A "mission critical" man-rated system on a car is certainly the brakes. No amount of rebuild or repair or maintenance of an old, flawed design (of the BTV) will fix it.

I will continue my evangelism on this subject despite some pleas for us to "all just get along."


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