Re: 400 treadle-vac failure

Posted by acolds On 2015/5/10 14:04:43
I for one will be waiting for the teardown and part failure determination. Randy does do things differently most people with treadle-vac failure have no brakes he has too much. We all who have old cars like living in the danger zone. We spend more money than we plan on restoration or upkeep as part of the hobby. If we are to update old cars to current big brother required systems. The list would be quite long Seat belts, energy absorbing steering posts, dual master cylinders , side guard beam, energy absorbing bumpers, 4 way flashers, non glare dashes, tire pressure monitors, buzzers to monitor seat belt and keys in ignition. The safe way would be remove manufacturer name and install it on a new government approved safe mobile. Or buy trailer and make your car a trailer queen. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life driving older car is not one of them in my view.
Old cars are like picking your pet or spouse we all have different views as to what is right or wrong if it works for you its the right one. The one that's right for you will more than likely not be my choice. The short version respect those who do it different from you. Its still a free country

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