Re: Fuel Pump Leaking

Posted by Jim L. in OR on 2015/9/3 19:43:46
Thank you Ross for the quick response. I really appreciate it.

This afternoon, I wiped down the pump and the surrounding area as best I could and then started the engine - with my usual results which manifested themselves in the pump being as clean and dry as it was before I started the engine. Not a trace of gas or anything else. Just to be sure, I then stuck my nose in the Lawn Mower's gas tank which was basically empty and then the rag I wiped the pump down with. The rag didn't smell like gasoline. As a matter of fact it didn't smell like anything except for a slight hint of motor oil. I run a 50/50 mix of coolant and the rag didn't smell like that either. It hasn't been caught in the rain or driven on a wet street for over a year so that lets out the cooling system and splashes of street surface water. It's like taking your kid to the doctor and having all his symptoms vanish as he walks into the doctor's office.

My job for tomorrow will be to take a very close look at the Throttle Passages to see if I can find any likely suspects such as you describe and I'll report back.

Thank you once again, Ross


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