Re: Fuel Pump Leaking

Posted by Jim L. in OR on 2015/9/3 23:20:09
Hi Duane,

Thank you very much for sharing your past with Packards & Fuel Pumps. It never ceases to amaze me the number of parts that will mix and match on cars you'd never think of. I have to say that in spite of all the other combinations I've heard about, I would have never dreamed that you could put a Peugeot Pump on a Packard!

One of the other combos I've heard here is that a Ford fuel pump with a vacuum side like the pre V8 cars will fit. I've been doing a web search and have the candidates down to two. The benefit of these is of course you can connect the vacuum section into the wipers so that under hard acceleration your wipers won't stall out on you. Of course I'm sure no one here would ever "Play Bullitt" in the rain with their Packard, but. you never know if you'll run into a pack of rampaging - and hungry - Zombies!

The Hudson and Nash cars that used the (I think) 320 Packard V8 used a combo pump as they were still using vacuum motors for their wipers.

That aside, it's great to know yet another fuel pump that will keep our cars on the road where they belong.

Thanks again,


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