Re: Fuel Pump Leaking

Posted by Jim L. in OR on 2015/9/6 17:21:34
I've been considering that, but the last time I received word from their website; they couldn't be sure that I would be able to use my WW knob in the OE place. If your set up does that, I'd love to know about it.

The other thing is that on my cars I like to keep things as designed as possible. With the vacuum can I'm very close to flawless performance. However I use them so seldom that I have had moments when I've had to get out of the car and "assist" the wipers until they could work on their own. I mean, if I wanted to stand in the rain, I could have walked to the store. If the Newport system is simply a bolt on and the switch can used the OE knobs AND provide for working the Windshield Washers I would definitely be interested in knowing.

On topic, I have something to add about the "stumbling". Yesterday when I was backing it into the garage it didn't seem to want to back up and in until I pressed down harder on the gas at which point it shot back into the garage and I barely got it stopped before I hit the wall.

I put it in drive and it sort of did the same then - probably the torque converter smoothed it out where as reverse is greared. While in the alley, I then tried Reverse again and once more it stumbled until I pressed down harder and again it shot backwards - chirping the tires this time.

Anyone have any ideas about what I should do now? The action in reverse doesn't seem to fit a Fuel Pump problem - at least to me.

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